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Possum and the Flag


Welcome to 'Possum Network, the home page of America's only native Marsupial, the Virginia Opossum. Love a Koala? Dream of seeing a kangaroo some day? Why not take a look at a home grown North American marsupial. These pages chronicle the meeting of man and woman with one of creation's other fine critters - the Virginia Opossum.

So, see what John Smith saw before he gazed upon Pocahontas. Learn why Teddy Bears might just be a passing phase. Watch American culture. 

Click a buttons on the left to begin. All pages are certified Family Safe. It's OK to look together.

Oh, And Enjoy.

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Medical Alert!!! Have you found an orphaned opossum? Are you worried about what to do next?  Here is some helpful contact information.

Celebrity Alert!!! Possum Network's own Freddie Possum has attained web celebrity status. Read his interview with Oscar the Wiener Dog. Read all about it!

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